Special Enrollment for 2017

You can enroll in or change your health insurance plan if you have a "Qualifying Life Event", which makes you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. You have 60 days from the date of your Qualifying Life Event to enroll or change your plan.

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Qualifying Life Event Examples

  • Change in marital status

    Change in marital status

  • Job Change


  • Having or adopting a child

    Having or adopting a child

  • Moving


  • Aging off parents plan

    Aging off parent's plan

Commonly asked questions that will help you choose the right plan.

ConnectiCare's networks include thousands of doctors, pharmacies and EVERY hospital in Connecticut. Remember, using doctors in our networks can save you money. If you have a plan that lets you get care from an out-of-network doctor, you can do so but you will generally pay more.

To see if your doctor is in our network, click on the “Find a Doctor” link at the bottom of this page.

All ConnectiCare Benefits, Inc. plans through Access Health CT and ConnectiCare SOLO plans include prescription drug benefits. Covered prescription drugs are grouped into sections or tiers. A drug "tier" is a group of medicines within a similar price range. "Preferred" drugs are clinically proven medicines that will generally cost you less than "non-preferred" medicines.

To see if your drugs are covered, look at the ConnectiCare Freedom Formulary by clicking on the "Find your Prescriptions by Plan" link at the bottom of this page. Then choose the drug list by your plan type.

ConnectiCare Benefits, Inc. plans on Access Health CT and ConnectiCare SOLO plans are grouped by "metal" level to help you better understand how much of your medical expenses are covered. Listed below are descriptions for premium ranges and out-of-pocket costs for each metal level.

Metal Level Premiums Member's Out-of-Pocket Costs Plan Pays
Image Description Lowest Highest 60%
Image Description Moderate Moderate 70%
Image Description Higher Lower 80%
Average amount plan pays for covered services.

Federal subsidies only apply to plans on Access Health CT, Connecticut's official health insurance marketplace, as part of the health care reform law and can help pay for the cost of insurance for buyers who are eligible for financial assistance. Savings could include tax credits that reduce the cost of your monthly premiums and/or subsidies that can reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Click here to learn more.