Understanding Your Choices

Understanding your health insurance options doesn’t need to be confusing. Here is some basic information to help you choose the right ConnectiCare plan.

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This varies for each individual, but might include:

  • What is my monthly cost (my premium)?
  • Do I qualify for financial help to lower my costs?
  • What are my other costs – deductible, copayments, coinsurance?
  • Are my doctors in the plan’s network? Click here to find your doctor.
  • Can I see doctors outside the plan’s network?
  • Does the plan cover my prescription drugs? Find your prescriptions by plan, by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Does the plan include dental and vision benefits?

  • Maria
  • 29
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Maria recently moved to Newington. She is subsidy-eligible and reviewed the ConnectiCare Benefits, Inc. plan options through Access Health CT. She has chosen a Passage plan and a primary care doctor (PCP) from the new CliniSanitas Medical Center located right in her town. Maria likes that she can see her PCP, specialists, get lab work and customer service for her ConnectiCare plan at one convenient location. Even better, the plan offers unlimited PCP visits for a low $5 copay per visit.

  • Michele & Jake
  • 40 & 44
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Michele and Jake have four children. Their youngest daughter has asthma and needs to see a specialist often. They want the freedom to see this specialist without a referral from their daughter’s PCP, so they have chosen a ConnectiCare Benefits, Inc. Choice Gold Standard POS plan through Access Health CT. This plan has a low family deductible and their PCP and specialist visits are not subject to the deductible; they will only be responsible for copayments for each visit.

  • Steven
  • 35
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Steven is a graphic designer who recently decided to leave corporate life and open up a freelance design business. Steven is in good health and needs to keep his monthly expenses down, so he has chosen to go with a Bronze Choice SOLO POS plan with a lower monthly premium and a Health Savings Account (HSA). With an HSA, he is able to set aside pre-tax money for any unexpected medical needs.

  • Sarah & John
  • 41 & 43
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Sarah and John have twin sons who are 16 years old. Their sons are very active in sports and they are a family that loves the outdoors. Their active lifestyle has taken them to the doctors more than the average family, with everything from a sprained wrist to a broken toe. They have chosen the Gold Choice SOLO POS plan because all of their doctors are in the network and their primary care doctor and specialist visits are not subject to the deductible.